Getting Mum Back Towards the Light

Jay Kumari’s mother Usha had a severe stroke in 2012, which left her right side paralysed and her speech badly affected. After six weeks in hospital, she left with a long way to go.

Usha did some rehabilitation work in hospital, but the results were up and down. She attended classes after leaving hospital to help her relearn how to walk and talk.

For a right-handed woman, it has been very challenging to learn to do things with her left hand. Usha was invited to be part of the ableX trial, run in Christchurch. “My mother is a conscientious woman,” says Jay, “she was used to using a computer, but not to play games!”

“Beforehand, she couldn’t use her right hand at all,” he says, “but now she can do some more things. For a family, it (ableX) is a good ice-breaker, it encouraged Mum back towards the light when she was feeling down. It made her feel good and gave her something new to think about.”

Usha suffers ongoing back and neck pain, but she perseveres with going walking and rehabilitation. “The nice thing about being able to work on the games is that she can do it even if she is tired or in pain,” says Jay. “She can concentrate better now.

“Mum worked on the games quite often and it was good that she could be assessed as she improved.”

Usha lives with her son, daughter in law and two grand daughters, who bring her a lot of joy and laughter. “She is playing with and teaching the girls,” says Jay. “They love her.”

The power of love, pure and simple, is bringing this entire family hope and solace.