Clinical Sites

The ableX system fits easily into a range of practicing rehabilitation settings, with no additional staff. 
At Royal Melbourne Hospital the ableX system is accessible to acute patients from Day 2 post-stroke. The 10-week Hand Hub intervention forms part of a patient’s rehabilitation journey from inpatient through to outpatient care, and the ableX cloud platform (my.ableX) is operational as part of a randomised controlled trial of in-home telerehabilitation. 

Specialist centres, such as ABI Rehabilitation in New Zealand, incorporate the ableX system into high needs care for residential clients, in particular patients with acute traumatic brain injury. 

In Western Australia we have implemented a community-based telerehabilitation service based around the ableX cloud platform for MSWA, in close alliance with the Perron Institute.

General rehabilitation units and long term care facilities in Australia and NZ employ ableX as a stroke treatment tool when expert therapists are unavailable. It can be reimbursed when recommended by a rehabilitation professional.