Clinical implementation

We are advocates of empowering patients to develop independence and self-management. So a typical clinical deployment of ableX involves a handful of workstations within the rehabilitation gym where a therapist or rehab physician can assess, set up and coach patients individually and in a group.

After a handful of sessions even severely impaired patients reach a degree of autonomy within the ableX games and in the use of the devices. It is natural for them to interact socially with other patients while using and learning to use the equipment. The simplicity of ableX means patients are far less dependent on a particular clinician or technical expertise.

We often hear that ableX helps to accelerate patients to a point where they can access more complex clinical tools or complete longer contact sessions, and so it has a role in optimising existing interventions.

ableX includes training (soon available as an online accreditation) which helps you prescribe the Just Right Challenge for each patient. Through this methodology you can modularise a patient’s exercise routine so that anyone on the care team can administer it. Online delivery gives you anytime access to monitor and personalise for each patient, and to cohort data for KPIs.

Finally, because we feel strongly about continuity of care, our equipment and exercise routines are designed to go with the patient, bridging the gap as they transition from each care setting to the next. Our subscription access model helps to ensure that the cost of ableX fits closely to the actual provision and funding of care throughout the journey.

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