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The ableX system is a clinically proven combination of
therapy games and versatile handheld controllers for upper limb training. As well as accelerating physical and cognitive rehabilitation after a stroke, ableX helps people with other impairments caused by brain trauma, cerebral palsy, multiple sclerosis or dementia.

The system is as simple as plug-in and play.

System Components


There are two handheld controllers which you use independently to play therapy games. Depending on your needs, you can use either or both in your training routine.

ableX handlebar system for arm and hand rehabilitation
  • Ideal for those beginning to recover some arm movement and grip
  • Increases range of movement, strength and control, progress to fine movements
  • Ideal to initiate motor recovery in shoulder and elbow
  • Progress to wrist and individual finger function

Therapy Games

The games are specifically
designed to activate motor and cognitive skills, suited to your abilities. Game suites are available as installed or cloud-based software.



Our ‘Just Right Challenge’
methodology helps you to target a training routine to your capabilities and recovery goals, accelerating neuro recovery.

Clinical tools

The ableX cloud platform (my.ableX) includes tools which enable your clinical team to prescribe and refresh a personalised training routine, and to monitor your progress without having to be with you in person. This frees you to do your rehabilitation training wherever and whenever it works for you.


Why the ableX system?

Existing health resources often struggle to deliver the frequent and intensive training that is proven to accelerate recovery. The ableX system enables you to include intensive arm and hand recovery as part of your daily routine, and have fun while you’re doing it.

Using our methodology of the Just Right Challenge and the online ableX platform, my.ableX, you’ll get better value from your rehabilitation professional, and your stroke recovery will be faster.

Can I use ableX?

If you can recognise simple shapes on a TV or computer screen and sit while supported, you can use ableX for your rehabilitation.

Get set up in minutes on your Windows PC or our optional TV console. Our installed software runs on any recent version of Windows. The online solution, my.ableX, uses a standard Chrome web browser.

How much ableX?

To accelerate neuro recovery we recommend including ableX in your daily rehab routine. Spend at least 10 mins and up to an hour a day, depending on your concentration span and how quickly you get tired. Most patients find they can train for longer with ableX than in a normal therapist session – this means you’ll also get more out of your usual 1:1 therapy.

Is it proven?

Originally designed for people to use independently at home, the ableX system is now used by specialists in practicing healthcare settings from acute care right through to home care.

Stroke participants in clinical trials of the ableX system using the handlebar and armskate devices recorded clinically significant improvements in the functional use of their arms and hands after just a few hours. Researchers also measured better cognition, mobility and overall health, reflected in participants’ quality of life. Many people experience less neurological pain after ableX training.

Preliminary studies have also shown benefits for multiple sclerosis, traumatic brain injury, cerebral palsy and dementia. Here’s our list of published research so far.

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