Grace Moulton

A Quantum Leap

I believe ableX is a quantum leap towards stroke recovery. It works directly on the brain or central nervous system – stimulating those dormant areas and providing brain connectivity, and that is far more exciting than anything we have had available to stroke survivors in the past.

The system offers people the opportunity to do some enjoyable, self-rehabilitation in their own homes. Participants are not actually aware they are getting a workout as they play the games. The system works – because people enjoy the games, but at the same time they are rehabilitating the brain – making those reconnections.

You can enjoy ableX yourself at any time – and the system achieves results. People are really enjoying the challenges of the games, and they feel better for it. They feel that they have had a workout and they feel that they are making progress with their rehabilitation.

Grace Moulton, Central Stroke, New Zealand